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My practice is made up of memories, suggestions,
traces sedimented in that deep layer
that is our innermost nature, often made up of conflicting signals.
Always fascinated by what turns out to be imperfect and ambiguous, I embrace with the symbol the plurality of meanings, attempting to sublimate its tensions and giving back to fragility all its power.



Deborah Graziano's work essentially revolves around certain layered constants: identity and the unconscious, the body and nature as symbolic and autobiographical tools. (...)

Deborah layers and traces signals, using photographic images, portraits, self-portraits, or by casting parts of the body, to symbolically belong to an experience that, through plastic action, seeks sublimation. She employs any material and found objects through an operational language bordering on automatism, representing nature only in the moment of transformation, driven by the sense of her actions. This representational regime takes the form of a thought that, avoiding narration, confines itself to the exercise of an act that imposes itself on passive matter.

The symbolic root of her works originates in the profound senselessness of raw life or in the encounter with the power of the unconscious. This serves as evidence that there is no positivist path for interpreting the journey into the dark depths of life and memory.

She creates a space in which suffering finds visibility and becomes a phantasmic component that cannot be dismissed as mere chimera but reaffirms the importance in the creative project of all manifestations of the spirit, its fantasies, and aberrations.


Excerpt from the critical text by

Massimiliano Scuderi




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